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Stef Parrott is a multi-disciplinary artist who was born and bred in New Jersey, but is based in LA.

Although Stef began modeling at age 23, her artistic abilities surfaced in her early childhood. She fell in love with words the moment she first spoke them, which quickly led to her obsession with reading and writing. By age ten, Stef was creating poems and songs on a daily basis.

Growing up in a lively Pentecostal church within the Christian faith, paired with the music gene embedded in her DNA, singing became a significant part of her life. Known to dabble in new areas of interest, she started playing the violin in upper elementary school and taught herself how to play the acoustic guitar in middle school without being able to read music.

At age 26, Stef’s sole focus is to become a full-time creative, establishing herself in a career that encompasses every single one of her skills. She immerses herself in producing distinguishable content that is a direct reflection of what goes on in her mind, heart, and soul. Being authentic doubles as her lifestyle and passion, and Stef hopes that you appreciate what is displayed on set, on screen, and on paper as much as she does.

Height - 5’5”
Bust - 36
Cup Size - 32D
Waist - 27
Hips - 41
Shoes - 7.5



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